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July 09, 2004


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Oh, I think that Meatloaf most definitely would eat a taco for love...for money, for enjoyment, or just because it's Tuesday.

I agree. Meatloaf would definitely eat a taco.
. . . But would he eat meatloaf? Would that be like canabilism?

And it's like I always say . . . "Nobody likes to sleep in the wet spot."

aka jo momma

hahahahaha....Becky and I had a conversation about this a long time ago. The answer we came up with was that he wouldn't set his computer's background image to be a picture of the 90's rock group Nelson.

Hope this helps....

I love Nelson!... Or, at least, I love that one video they do in a rainforest.

Looking back, that Nelson/Rainforest video reminds me a lot of the video that Wayne's girlfriend was making in Wayne's World (The Movie).


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