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May 02, 2011


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Too sweet!

That is precious! Thank you for sharing

Awww, that is very sweet. Kara will have these moments in her memory bank, and you definitely will remember watching the royal wedding with her. Plus, since you have recorded the memory here, you both will have a chance to savor this moment and many others. When you come to visit, we might go to the park to show her where Mommy and Daddy were married.

What a wonderful moment! Such joy.

I love it. What a sweet memory you made with your girl. I spent the night with my daughter and along with her daughter (my 5 year old sweet granddaughter) we lay together in her big four poster bed and watched the most beautiful wedding ever.We brought out the special tea set for little Natalie and she loved every minute of it. We had many rude comments from people who thought it was a waste of time. Natalie has talked about it all week just like Kara. I know that she will always have that memory of the 3 of us in bed together laughing and crying as we watched history in real time. It was wonderful wasn't it?

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