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April 06, 2005


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I think that Tupac was having supper last night with his wife and baby girl at Steak and Shake in M-ville.

Either that or he was dining with Elvis in Las Vegas. JFK and Marilyn were probably there as well.

The CNN (benderboyz) site does look convincing.

Note the last two lines on the Benderboyz page in the lower right hand corner:

• You just got April Fooled!
• Tupac's dead. Get over it.


Just browsing through your blog and thought I'd say hello. :)

tupacs definetly dead. It sucks but its true and people gotta get over it. Thats a bullshit post and it happened april 1st so its probably a joke

Congrats!!! I work with a guy whos gonna be a prof of Toxicology in Kentucky.

I'll market your group to him..

So what you are saying is that, tupac might bee alive. I do not think so, please if you have the interview of tupac e mail it to me at
[email protected]

thanks alot my name is chris L.

Um, yeah, buddy. If you'll notice, she actually refers to the article as a hoax in the last paragraph.

Not further confuse you, but I meant the last full paragraph, just to be clear.

What Tupac died?

And then there were TEN !

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