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July 11, 2005


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Talk about a quick response to my blog . . . I wasn't even finished with the entry and you were there!
Nice. Hope all is well in Indy.

Frema! You read my mind.

Yesterday morning before work, I started a blog entry about the arrival of the new HP book and how I'm torn because I'm in the middle of two other books (something I *never* do), but when I went back to finish it, I saw that you already posted yours... and since I've already copied everything ELSE in your life, I decided to draw the line here. ;)

I said something to Steve this morning about feeling a little odd, being a 22-year-old female whose only excitement for the past week has been the anticipation of what will happen next in the life of a 16-year-old boy... and he didn't say anything.

Ooops... I guess I did that thing again where I forget to screen my audience before I say what's on my mind.

But it's really comforting to know that there's another young woman equally in anticipation of the same, twisted event.

My advice: definitely ditch the other books for Harry. C.S. Lewis will definitely understand... and so will Chris (basing my opinion upon the one time I met him, I feel very qualified in my assertion).

Anyway... *I'll* be ditching my other books. Well... book. I'm ditching one, and finishing the other before the weekend so I can prep for Prince Harry.

Happy reading! We'll have to have book chat when its all over.

I am rereading it, editing it and rewriting it for the second edition and it is NOT a masterpiece. It's a damn shame you got the first edition--which you should stop reading--because the second edition is the masterpiece.

I just read an article about how some places have accidentally put out copies of book 6 ahead of time, and those who bought them were ordered by a judge not to read them until Saturday. But who is really going to wait and how would they know anyway?

So here is a thought. . . how come when all these older "women" are excited at the prospect of spending "time" with a sixteen year old boy it is OK. But when older guys count down the days until when Mary Kate and Ashley turn 18 it creepy.

Double standards.

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