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July 19, 2005


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You do know that duck bills are rounded, I hope. Getting pecked by a duck would hurt less than getting poked in the arm with a soup spoon. Besides, those ducks just getting a little too excited. They really don't mean any harm.

What's not to like about Peking duck? A Chinese dish of roast duck with crispy skin = yummy. (I find a nice vocal reference to roast duck or duck sauce often keeps the ducks away.)

The ducks probably are a little too excited . . . I mean . . . I witnessed a little of that excitement between two ducks when I was there.

Oh no, ducks. Although some may not agree, sometimes ducks can be sort of a nuisance. My parents used to live on a golf course. On the course there were a few Muscovy ducks, which are a breed of rather ugly ducks. My parents and the other residents like to feed the ducks as a result the duck population increased to over 50 some ducks. In numbers, these ducks started attacking the golfers. Thus, the condominium complex voted to remove the ducks to a safe santuary and to refrain from feeding any newcomers.

Other than not feeding the ducks, another option might be to encourage a duck champion to move to Indianapolis to protect you from the ducks. Although obviously Frema, herself, is quite fierce, she is able to handle these difficult situations.

Next time ducks charge you, set up a video camera - sounds hilarious :)

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