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July 26, 2005


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I read your article on blood and urine and my grade would be:
a-/pee +

get it? A Negative (blood) and then I follow it up with a low-brow urine joke. . . hahahahahahahahahaha.

Yes, with my post urine for a treat!

Help me I can't stop.

I think that you should keep cable until you get the internet. You can not live without both! You need at least one of them.

Has anyone talked to you about basic cable . . . you know, the 13 dollar version of cable that only has the first 20 channels or so? It lessens the blow of losing cable all together.

I do believe that I can say with almost no doubt, that you are in fact, probably, my most responsible friend (even if we can't confer about the most recent episode of "Sex and the City" or "Law and Order").

Cable or not, I'm proud of ya!

Have you thought about stealing cable from your neighbors? I know it's unethical, immoral and illegal, but.....what a rush!

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