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August 25, 2005


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Italian heritage?
I did hear him right.Dinner prayer was the best.
Love you auntie Betty
p.s. I have great ideas on saving space.Apartment sale might not be a bad idea to make extra cash to buy a wardrobe cabinet.Meijers has them on sale for 100.00 all the time.

I think I own two copies of that CD all on my own...I still remember my country-music loving husband looking at that one and going..."White Chocolate What?"

Speaking of music collections, I recently unearthed my old Lemonheads and Debbie Gibson cassette tapes. Rock on.

We can't have that many duplicates anyway. Unless you've recently become a fan of the Pogues and the Aquabats and bought all their stuff.

Speaking from experiance, the move in together thing is a fantastic idea...especially if there is thoughts that it might turn out for the long haul....When Chris and I went to Pre-cana we couldn't believe some of the stuff these people did not know about each other, and it all would have been clear had they lived together. They would also already have an idea if they were capable of living in the same place, a very important thing to learn.

David M

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