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August 02, 2005


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For stain removal, may I suggest Orange Goop? I know it is primarily a hand cleaner, but it is also just about the best stain remover that I have ever used.

I have taken out blood, mustard, all kinds of booze, axle grease from a tractor trailer truck, citronella oil and other such unspeakable muck.

Most hardware stores have it. Some grocery stores and Wal/K/Target Mart type-places (I think they are called discount retailers) also have it.

As a fat messy klutz, it has saved many of my huge shirts and massive slacks.

Perhaps it would work for your bind?

"- ask lukers to delurk?"

i thought you were referring to Luke by "lukers"... a cute little pet name... i had to read it again before i understood what you meant.

lukers! ha!

Yes. No. No. Yes. Forget about that ugly goon. Not really wrong, but still not a good idea. No. Yes, that's sexist. No. Maybe. No. Very, very wrong. No.

(And don't call me lukers. Besides, I don't lurk.)

Thanks, everyone, for taking a simple typo and holding it up for all the Internet world to see. I should go ahead and fix it so that everyone else thinks you guys are nuts.

"Philadelphia Freedom" is perfect for the morning commute unless you are listening to Norah Jones's "Sunrise" repeatedly.

Lukers's Mom

PS I hope used the correct and modern format for the possessive words.

You sure did! :)

I don't know about all of them, but I absolutely think it is okay to want daughters just for the cool names.

I'm totally there.

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