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August 15, 2005


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First and foremost: I haven't started HP yet!!!!!!!! I've done sooooo well avoiding all news elements that might reveal anything to me... I never thought I'd find it on your blog... at least not until you had a post titled "I'm finally done with Book 6," in which case I could promptly stop reading until I finished it myself.


Other matters of importance: I'm really sorry about your breakdown... it's really hard not to have anyone important near you. But soon Ryan will be at IU and quality sister time will abound. If you ever want to whine about how much it sucks living away from your family and friends... holla at your girl. Lord knows I've gone through my fair share of depression and mini (some not so mini) breakdowns since becoming a full-time Rensselaer resident.

Your fabulous job in Indy is totally worth it - just remember your nationally published urine article! You'd never have had an opportunity like that at your old job. SJC doesn't care about urine testing, and they're not going to pay someone to write about it.

Hope things perk up for you real soon.

1) yeah....you should work on warning people about your HP spoilers. If I were in Becky's shoes, I'd consider that grounds for an ass-beating....but the again, if I were in Becky's shoes, I'd probably stop getting sideways glances from her co-workers about my 8-year-old sandals. :)

2) holla at your girl!!

3) I totally feel for you....if I lost my cable, I'd probably cry.

4) I like the word "assvice"...another good one is when a relationship goes bad, you can then call it a "relationshit"!

OK, OK, I've removed it!

So which one of you ain't no hollaback girl then?

I am having some trouble with ass too, but what is it called when it's not really assvice, but just conversation with someone who can be ass-ish? CoversASStion?

Whether it is just conversation or giving advice, sometimes people are just too DICKtatorial.

Sorry Frema, I could not resist.

I hope things look better on this Tuesday.

Wait until she has kids with all the assvice she will get. She shouldn't get upset when people say shit let it go in one ear and out the other. If she gets upset whenever people give advice then she will never be happy. She shouldn't be so emotional.

Well, when people who are supposed to love you can't stop picking at your hair, your guest list, your song list, your registry list, almost every day for three months, and THEN tell you that you'll never enjoy your wedding, we'll see how strong you are. Sheesh. People aren't made of stone.

P.S. Who tells a bride not to get emotional about her WEDDING DAY?

I'm glad i went to Vegas


I finished Half Blood Prince. Have you? I don't even want to talk about the end. The last 50 pages may have scarred me forever.


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