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September 29, 2005


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I LOVE the "Flowers in the Attic" series!!! And I first read it in sixth grade, TOO!!!

My mom always let me read her books... mostly Stephen King and James Patterson and that type of stuff... but she had a box of books in the basement filled with old yearbooks and college textbooks... one day I was leafing through a few of them and buried at the bottom of the box - lo and behold - was V.C. Andrews' wonderfully incestuous series. I figured if they were buried in a box, she probably wouldn't want me reading them... so every day after school I would sit in the basement and get lost in the attic with Chris and Cathy and Cory and Carrie until my mom got home from work... when I heard her key in the door, I'd mark my page and pack the book back in the box until the next day. I was incredibly sneaky when I was younger.

I also re-read them every so often... and it starts out the same way: you're looking for something specific. When you can't find it (or even when you can), you end up reading the whole thing over again, no matter what else you're "in the middle" of at the moment.

I have yet to begin the new HP, as well, and I've been "in the middle" of a Toni Morrison book for over a month. I agree with you about the HP stuff - why waste it and read it now if you're not really into it? I'd rather wait until I have my next attack of Potter infatuation so I can really enjoy it.

Glad to hear that Operation: Cohabitation went over swimmingly - hope to talk to you soon!

My favorite (or most horrifying) part was when the grandmother would sprinkle arsenic on the doughnuts...

Actually, Liz, it was Corrine (the mother) who sprinkled the arsenic on the doughnuts. At the end of Petals on the Wind, when the adult Cathy confronts Bart Winslow and her mother during the Christmas party, Corrine says she wanted to make them each just a little sick, so that she would have a reason to take them to the hospital and thus get them out of the house.

I am such a dork.

Maybe if you don't read it soon, someone might accidentally let slip who dies. They just might...

Frema, how many times have you read these books????


I remember all the main characters had "cerulean blue" eyes. What IS cerulean, anyway?

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