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September 08, 2005


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Congratulations Frema! You made it! I definitely agree with that second outfit...very nice! ;) As for your splurging on new outfits, we only live once and is it REALLY going to make that much of a difference on your credit card? I mean how can you combat a 0% APR? Talk to you later!

Ahem...it is your money, so it's your decision. But I get to buy an XBox 360 when it comes out.

On a credit card?!

...When you put it that way, maybe I can live without the clothes.

I haven't met Luke, but I am SHOCKED he is not encouraging you to buy the f-me black high-heeled boots. - Di

Hey XBox 360 is going to be like $800.00. A few cute outfit is only going to cost like $100 with the coupon. Plus, Luke gets to sport a hot Momma on his arm! So, it's a win win situation for both of you. Go CHARGE!


You look so FANTASTIC! And in my book its ALWAYS okay to splurge. Hmmm...perhaps that's why I'm not in charge of the finances...

As Stacy would say, "SHUT UP." (that's a compliment, if you've never seen the show). Too bad there's not a video of you working the runway!

Wow Breain....you look so fabulous. I am so proud of my big sister!! Nootch.

Very very fashionable! The blazers are really pop-out bright and you look very confident. Your hair is kinda interesting though, almost African American in a way, and I've gotta an Afro too at the moment so I think it's hot! ;-) BTW, if you're going to splurge, definitely due so with Ben & Jerry's, none of the low-fat crap. I personally prefer Karamel Sutra!

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