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September 22, 2005


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Well, the squishy things in tapioca is actually the tapioca, which is starch from the roots of the yuca plant.

If you knew this, then why in the world did you ask ME?

I didn't know that. I don't even know if I like tapioca pudding.

Great answers, Frema. Especially the last one...

Further reason to despise tapioca pudding from www.britannica.com:

Tapioca - a preparation of cassava-root starch used as a food, in bread or as a thickening agent in liquid foods, notably puddings but also soups and juicy pies.
In processing, heat ruptures the starch grains, converting them to small, irregular masses that are further baked into flake tapioca. A pellet form, known as pearl tapioca, is made by forcing the moist starch through sieves.

Like you, I definitely prefer the pudding without irregular masses of starchy substances. Yuck. Great Q&A session, Frema!

Would it be tapioca pudding if one left the tapocia out? Or would it be just vanilla pudding?

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