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October 18, 2005


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Pizza delivery person. You can't be a pizza delivery boy, you know.

Wow, that entry was like a well-loaded pizza. With pineapples ;)

Was Birth any good?

The weekend was also very special because you got to see me :o)

Brooke baby, you ARE family!

I TOTALLY KNEW you were going to blog about our marathon conversation on Friday. We are SUCH geeks and are still the only two people in the state of Indiana that care so my about PMS 287C. You are SO going to be brand manager someday.

Sorry that you miss being close to family.

Well sister, I am certainly glad to hear that you had a great weekend because I did too! Just to let you know, I also pretended that our baby sister was not wearing that shirt too. I love you very much and it doesn't matter where you live, you're plastered all over my refridgerator.!!

Hey, I was once that dorky guy, hanging out in museums with gut full of nachos and head full of big dreams.

Now, I am a history graduate student who can never work in pizza delivery because of my horrible driving record and who hasn't had a date in four years.

On second thought, I think I want some nachos...and I have to be at a meeting at a museum this friday.

Whoa...I mean, like, whoa.


Great looking family. Seeing the picture of the dog, Styx, reminds me that the band, Styx, is playing at the Star Plaza Theater in M-ville on November 19. Maybe your folks might be interested. http://www.starplazatheatre.com/files/styx.html

Are those your brothers and sisters? I remember you said you were from a big family...

And what a cute doggie. Mine only wishes he were big enough to have such a huge rawhide bone. ;-)

Definately need to go with the Pantone...it will probably be a little more costly but in the end, what would you do if the logo came out off even by a little and your boss was pissed off?

How many pages is the document and how many copies are you creating? I know some press folks that do digital as opposed to offset for shorter runs...just a thought

David M

Hey Breain this is Kenny saying what's up cuz.

Hi, David,

My designer and I actually decided on the extra spot color yesterday. Thanks for the input!

Kenny....AHHH! Hello!

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