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October 30, 2005


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Heh...I don't shower every day either. Maybe I shouldn't have confessed that ;)

We are definitely in sync with the vacations. I grew up in Boston, live in NYC and like to go to Calif for vacation.

The screen name Bree isn't from Desperate Housewives, is it?

Are you serious about Lionel Ritchie? Andiclaus loves Lionel and I cannot find it in my heart to not endlessly tease him for it.

Hello? Is it me you're looking for?

Say you, say me.
Say it together, naturally.

Thanks! I promise I will do it it. JUst give me a couple of days because Matthew is sick and then tomorrow is halloween.

I'm still working on this 100 list thing and will now add meme. You're hysterical and I really enjoy reading your blog NOOOOOTCH!

I did it!!!!!

No one told me I was supposed to shower every day. ;-) Conserve water!

I love the name Lucy because I am a big I Love Lucy fan, but I named one of my old dogs Lucy and I feel it would be wrong to use it on a child. Would you have a complex if you knew that your name once belonged to a dog?

I wouldn't, especially if it was an awesome dog. I actually know a girl named Pepper (my childhood dog's name).

Before my mom and dad had baby number 2, they owned a cat named Samantha. My dad liked the name Samantha. Hence, my sister. Samantha.

Shower every day? Wha?

A year in Africa definitely changed my personal hygiene habits, especially when we discovered the downside of "solar heating" during the cold season.

Now is anyone supposed to know which of those three are truths or lies? I'm just going to cook a big salmon for dinner, or maybe we should go out for sushi.

Luke, I notice a new avatar. Have you crossed over to the dark side?

Prada eye glasses aaand a new Caddy all in one day? Looks like October was the month to be Bree! Live it up, sister!!!
<3 you,

p.s. soo-- are you sick of your green purse yet? i'm still waiting! ;)

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