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October 20, 2005


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Didn't she jump the shark a couple of CDs ago, when she got all glam? i could hardly recognize her.

one of my suitemates in college was a big fan...she liked "supernova".

Her third CD, whitechocolatespaceegg, kicked ass. 2003's Liz Phair had elements of commercialness (especially the radio cut), but there were also some really stand-out songs that made up for it. This latest one has fewer redeeming qualities.

I think it sucks that your colleague called you sweetie. He should be more professional because it's a-holes like that who think they can say or do whatever they want.

Maybe someone needs his grandfatherly rear kicked.

I love when people call me sweetie in passing. I just don't like when they call me sweetie when trying to prove you wrong or giving you an attitude.

I'm guilty of what you are referring too...I'm constantly calling females at work sweetie...but its not meant in a harassing fashion, I call guys chief, sunshine, ect...well, sunshine is pretty androgynous, but you get the idea. As brooke pointed out, and I agree, its one thing in passing, if its said in a manner that attempts to establish authority over you, its a different story.

So do you think Dumbledore and Snape have actually staged the death or do you think he is really dead?

I think "the death" (I won't say whose for those who haven't read it yet) was probably orchestrated by the person who died. E-mail me, Anonymous, if you want to know why.

I think the guy who called you sweetie has found your blog, and has discovered your need for companionship at work. Although "sweetie" is not a very plutonic reference.

The guy who called you sweetie...my therory is it was a mistake. I do that from time to time when I forget I'm not talking to my hubby-but talking to a co-worker. Woops!!

And your thories? Let's hear them. I was so into the 6th book that as soon as I finished it I started all over again on the 1st book. I am on the 5th right now and anxious to start the 6th again. Can you say...NERD?!

OOOH OOH OOOH! I am all about the new HP book, so if you want to talk about it, e-mail me! And I want to hear your theory about "the death." I think that we may have the same opinion on it!!!!

The only reason I responded to my now-husband's e-mail (we met on Match.com) was because he read Order of the Phoenix in 12 hours. It's in the May blog archives if you want to read it, under "How I Met Dear Husband."

wud up breain! i love you soo0o0 much n u r always someone who can make me laugh! i am glad to have a crazy kool sista lyk u. uve been there for me always-and i am glad to know that i always have my sistas to count on! i love you bree thanks for everything!
love ya

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