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October 06, 2005


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For some reason I have three children and a gazillion snapshots of them to prove it BUT never the classic pose of a little one resting peacefully on my chest.

What a great shot Frema... but based on your post sounds more like a crack addict getting a fix. Whatever works, right?

I think it's great that you are so certain about wanting children. It can take some of us (ahem) many years to come to a conclusion...

Well aren't you just the sweetest little woman! You will have children one day and that one day will not be too far away. In the meantime, try not to be sad about not having them yet. I have faith that God will send you your babies when He feels it's time. This may sound corny, but I believe it to be true. You are going to be such a FABULOUS mommy Breain!!

I'll admit, it is hard not to think about having babies when confronted with such a stellar example of one like Anna.

Congradulations! The baby is soooo cute. I'm sure you will make a great Mom.

Who says you have to be married to have kids? I'd start now! Even if you cannot have kids, there are tons of kids who need to be adopted.
Don't worry about it. I've noticed that everyone I know who are worried can not have kids, people who don't give it a second thought can. It's hard to get pregnant when your stressed about it! So, just roll with what life throws you!

Awww don't fret - you will have your babies before you know it - and you're going to be one of the best mommies out there! If you need a newborn fix, come on up here a couple weeks after Christmas. After my first week or two of sleepless days and nights I'm sure I'll happily hand him over! :0)

Aah, look at my sweet granddaughter and the sweet mother of my next grandbaby.
The Other Molly

I feel exactly the same way! I cannot wait to have children. I know I'm young and have more than enough time, but I don't want to wait forever. I also worry if we will be financially stable enough so that I can be the stay at home mom. But believe me, I completely understand how you feel when your around Anna. Rich has a cousin who just turned 1 this weekend. He's so adorable! I try and babysit every chance I get!

Sorry for the gramatical errors. I'm tired. :)

Good God, I about fell over when I saw those pictures. Can I have her?

For the record, I do not plan to breastfeed. The girls are big enough as it is!

What names have you picked out? Or do you think it's bad luck to tell? If so, then I'm in big trouble, because I blab about it all the time!

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