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November 15, 2005


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You've inpsired me to get a move on decorating! I'm so happy for you and Luke's special 1st anniversary of "ours". How fun! Dan and I are also working on our real 1st "ours" anniversary. By the way, you are making me really anxious to be an auntie. ;)

My teeth are rotting from the overflowing sweetness of that post. :)

I'm with Mark, and now you see it's spreading because I just did a superduper sweet post on my blog. Must be that Christmas spirit... congrats on your first tree. Aaaaahh

awwww, Bree..... what a sweet post. That makes me so happy for you and Luke. But it also made me realize that this will be my first Christmas on my own. Congrats to you guys on your tree - how fun!

Girls, you better get by mom and start fighting over the ornaments.Mom just bought her first pre lite tree. I think the old tree is going to Auntie Donnas.She was just talking about new ornaments because the older girls will want. Have lots of fun this xmas. love A.B

That walk into the door and setting everything down in your own space again after a road trip is the GREATEST feeling! Love it!

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