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December 01, 2005


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God do I feel for you!!! They just want you to listen and comment on how smart they all are. They'll LOVE you! And then they'll ask to borrow your Where's Waldo. :-) You're too freakin' fun.

Oh here's some great laboratory humor that for some reason I acutally think is funny. Maybe because it's so unbelievably dorky: "What's the quickest way for a communications director to get fired? Agree with all the suggestions made when you run a spell check on the company's testing directory." Good stuff, Frema. Hang in there!!!!

Oh, and we're LONG overdue for a chat. I'm DYING to "hear" how the press check went. 1) I'll call when the gauze is no longer in my mouth and 2) I switch all my phone numbers into my new phone! (no more dropped calls??!!!)

You brave woman, you! Hope you're not in too much pain.

So...where was Waldo?

I doubt that guy even realized you were wearing a Harry Potter scarf and just noticed the bright colors. Ooo, pretty!

And Mark, if she told you were Waldo was, that would be cheating.

Frema, I used to get that a lot. STILL get it, sometimes.

At one of my first jobs I had co-workers who always made comments about how young I was, and it really bothered me. We were celebrating my birthday in a staff meeting one day. Someone made a snide comment about my youth (I was around 22 but they didn't know my exact age). I said, "I'm so happy about this birthday! Finally I'll be able to vote!"

They stared open-mouthed as I walked out of the room. I laughed inside myself for the rest of the day. I know they were all dying to ask me if I was really 18. ;-)

Business lunches are always more of a chore than anything else.

I agree with Luke in the fact that the guy probably had no idea what the scarf meant. Hell, I would have had no idea, for my inner child is dead. But I digress...

I have been through these things in business and in academia and I have to say that academics are in a way worse.

They already know each other's credentials and c.v., but they feel like they have to constantly carp at each other, making the lunch a one-upsmanship festival.

As a lowly peon graduate student, I am required to sit there with requisite awe and wonder as these people bicker.

Honestly, academics are a lot like little children. They all think they are right, they talk over each other and refuse to budge on anything. They can never come to a decision on anything.

In closing, I feel for you. Nothing turns my stomach like a prolonged, uncomfortable encounter with your "betters."

Stay strong, Puma sister.

The old geezers just felt inadequate and threw around the lingo to make you feel like an ass or to try to make themselves feel smart. We all know the truth, which is that you're fabulous!

Hey, next time you encounter the "Oh, you're probably too young to know as much as I do..."

just make sure to ask questions like,
"Does your doctor allow you to eat solid?"

"Are you still mad that Matlock was canceled?"

"Did you know that Soylent green is made out of people? It's People!!"

Frema please come back to us we would like to know what is new with you.

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