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December 22, 2005


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Very funny...
Frema, you have such a way with words.

"I watched in horror as the eggs got eggier and the omelet got omeletier and pretty soon it was impossible to tell where one part ended and the other began."

Very funny, indeed.

Even you liked eggs, an omelet prepared by a Gut-hating toxicologist gives one pause...Ick

You know, I often wonder how much of your hatred of so many common foods is more in your head and whether or not you really allow yourself to taste anything that goes into your mouth. I've seen you "try" a few different things now, and you typically just take a bite the size of a grain of sand, in which case you aren't really tasting anything and are only imagining that the substance tastes like you think it looks.

That's what I think anyway.

Thanks for that in-depth analysis of my psyche, Dr. Phil.

Just so I'm reading this correctly. . . you turned down the cheese arguing health reasons, then took some bacon?

I'm no food-ologist, but I'm kind of sure your doctor didn't tell you to "lay off the cheese" and "load up on bacon and other fried meats."


So the Man is a technical director and makes omelets as well? How versatile!

I hate omelets and I always say so. Feel the fear and do it anyway ;)

Luke, omelets are disgusting. They just are. Food needs TEXTURE.

Did you not read that I threw the omelet away? The omelet that had the meat? The bacon and sausage-picking was just a cover to avoid the overall grossness of the omelet! The omelet that I didn't like because it was an omelet, not because it was bad for me. That part was just bonus.

Geez. Tough crowd.

The tabloids say that Oprah is firing Dr. Phil.

I love omelets! I just had one a couple days ago. I wouldn't like mushrooms in there or the salsa. You should have said that you can only eat egg beaters and then you would not have to worry till next year when they go out of their way to get you egg beaters :o)

Did he catch you taking a picture of his omlettey masterpiece?

I think often in couples, one person likes omelettes and the other doesn't. My husband likes them; I hate them. Maybe this is nature's way of ensuring that omelettes have a place in every home.

Bearette I think you are right because I love them and my husband hates them.

I can't believe you even took a frickin' bite! You are such a picky eater and for you to pretend to like the food you detest the most...well that just frosts my cookies in a good way.


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