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December 28, 2005


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Great place you have here! Thought I would drop you a quick hello.

I'm at:

I am going to have to email you for Chicago tips! As a Christmas gift, my parents are taking me and Patrick, along with my sister and her new husband to Chicago for a long weekend sometime this summer (baseball season). So I may need some tips for good restaurants and such!!

Glad you had a happy holiday.

The important question, if its a baseball trip is which side of town will you be on. Because if you are on the wrong side of town then there are no resteraunts very close that are worth writing home about :) On the north side however....

I feel you on the running all over creation this last weekend Bree, of course I went the opposite direction of you and got to enjoy the Fog from Merrilville to Indy saturday night.

It was great to hear from you and thanks for checking out my blog! Holidays and events can become "difficult" when there is another family involved. Sounds like you survived. Enjoy ringing in the new year!

You are AMAZING Bree. I'm always telling Dan about how nice it is that you drive in all the time, but how tired you must get. I speak for the fam when I say we love you and appreciate all the driving and time spent to see those who are CRAZY about you!

It's really too bad that you don't enjoy more caffeinated beverages. A little coffee helps me a lot on these journeys of late.

As the great Oklahoman Oscar Ameringer once said, "It's a great life if you don't weaken."

I want you to visit me!!!!!

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