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January 27, 2006


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I have that same dream. Except that it involves a much bigger advance, a quaint home on the coast with room for another dog or two, and Bradley Cooper.

Dream... Ms Frema... Dream Big...

Come on now. You know that Sallie Mae doesn't deserve for that coinage to be rolled. Let's just throw those pennies at them in handfuls instead.

Keep on speaking it...

I was totally digging on your future plans...up until you mentioned something about a baby every year until you're 42. Now, that's just crazy talk.

Here's me hoping it will all come true.

(and the part about you and Luke becoming a family is so true. I am so thankful for my little familyl!)

Yikes, I think that is 16 kids.

Preach on sister! Can I jump on this band wagon with ya? Gimme just a few pennies to throw - I won't miss - I've got feelings about Sallie Mae as well.

So glad to hear you guys enjoyed a nice dinner, and in the future if you'd like to dine out you can leave us with your 16 children. We won't mind. :0)

Sally Mae is not that bad of a company, hey they gave you money so you could go to school. It wasn't free money, you have to pay it back. If you did not want to be in debt then you should have not went to school or signed the papers to get the money. If you leant someone so many thousands of dollars you would want it back to.

Obviously, Anonymous, you have never been transferred to sixteen people, three different phone numbers, two equally useless Web sites, and received less than stellar customer service via Sallie Mae, only to STILL have unanswered questions!

Hey Frema:
It's Molly's friend Cindy.

You go girl....Let me know how 15-20 some kids work for you. You would sure be "MOTHER" OF THE YEAR" and then some! :)

i can't wait to read about shopping for the girls dresses.

I want to hear what you ate for dinner at the restaurant. ;-)

Liz - If you check out Luke's latest "Are You Gonna Eat That?" entry, he gives all the sensory details there. :)

I love to imagine my life in the future & adding in a few of those perfect little "perks!" And in reference to Sallie Mae and to Anonymous, of course Sallie Mae wants their money back. HOWEVER, with as much interest they make on the millions of dollars we are all paying back they can afford to spend a little more of it on customer service ;o)

Mmmmm hmmmm girl...dreams are so much fun! ;) They CAN become a reality.

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