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January 05, 2006


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You already got to hold Jack?! How cool!! I know you and Luke are budgeting, but for heavens sake, to make you fee better at least dye it back to ONE color sister. Do it for you, do it for me, do it for the blogging world!!! ;) J/K You always look FABULOUS. I envy your awesome fashion sense and even your beautiful curls.

P.S. Next time we go roller skating, it's on me. ;)

You know, there was already an award-winning miniseries of the very same name, Roots, only about a very different subject matter.

PPS: And you had that tie-dye shirt long before you ever started dying your hair.

My birthday is tomorrow the 6th!!! My b-day dinner will also consist of baby back ribs!

To make you feel better I have not had my hair cut or dyed since the day of my baclorette party, which was the last Saturday of March!

I commend you for your self-control. However, in order for your hair to look good for that wedding day, you should keep those 6-week appointments. I'll dye it for you!!!

Wonderful thing about them babies... they could care LESS what their mommma looks like as long they have her. Here's to you preparing for your New Life and a Baby Frema.

Your hair always looks lovely. The difference in color is certainly not as dramatic in person; besides, your beautiful curls mask any difference in color.

If you like, we could eat at Ruby Tuesday's instead of the House of Kobe...your call. See you this evening. You could even wear your tie-dye shirt.

See you soon.

I think that a special occasion such as a birthday trumps the "No Eating Out" rule. It's all about the compromise.

I'm a fanatic about getting my roots done, too. What about buying a semi-permanent in the box? It's easy to put on...Or have someone dye it for you? (I saw an offer from butterflygirl!)

Good job on flexing those money muscles....I know how hard it is to cut back on things! :)

I've had some recent luck with the home hair-coloring kits that have the highlights built in (Feria et al.). Whatever you do, though---DO NOT use a home highlighting kit. That's just a disaster waiting to happen.

As for the curls---Aveda's Be Curly has performed miracles with my hair.

But I agree with Butterfly Girl---At least get a trim every 6-8 weeks if you want to keep your hair healthy and pretty for the wedding day.

Hang in there! We have done the no eating out rule before and it sucks! I am right there with ya, girl!

Is that a high light in your hair?
you still are beautiful.

I feel your pain. Keith and I are saving for our honeymoon... money is not an easy subject (especially when we were both hit recently with car accidents... everyone's ok). Hang in there girl, keep your eye on your goals, there are highlights in your future!
-Red Neck Woman (ps, nothing wrong with bottle at home color)

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