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January 26, 2006


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To Frema and her unique personal milestones... good-bye AMC.

Just so you know, the Little People aren't actual little people. They're that kind of act where the costumes have giant hats and heads that cover up the actor's head and top half of their torso, so the face is on their bellies.

Craziness! When a girl hears "Little People," what is she supposed to think?

Time is the one constant in life. It is always going on by. Choices are needed and you are the best that thinking all ways to go through to an answer of quality.

Daddy D.

I can't believe she still considers her dead husband her business partener. :( How sad.

Maybe they'll come up with your soaps on DVD box sets so you can enjoy them later without having to worry about recording them. I'm proud of your strength to "Just Say No".

Thanks for mentioning my blog!

From a friend who pays $13 a month for HBO to watch Sopranos reruns (though alas, a new season begins in a matter of weeks), I hurt for you.

Let me tell you, those little people are freaky. I'm a grown man and they freak the living hell out of me. And they have these creapy extend-o lips that reach out and grab you. Gave my wife a nightmare, don't know what makes them think little kids will like them.

If you get Tivo you can opt for the lifetime one payment fee. Just an idea.

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    What can anyone do to me?"
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