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February 08, 2006


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...and keep on blogging - because you really are so so good at it. I find myself reloading you every time I sit down at the computer. :0)

And waving over here - hi Amalah, should you stop by AND get interested in Frema's comment section, I'm a big fan too.

Are you sure you hate broccoli?

There are several things that you claim to hate that other times you will admit you've never even tried.

Because of you, I had the courage to use the internet as a creative outlet. Plus, I have "met" several new people, even if only by coming to know them through their posts. Your personal insight was heartwarming and I loved it, but I tend to only comment, if at all, on funny things as I do not want to trample on someones feelings through accidental "foot-in-mouth" comments. I am so glad you are a blogger and I love your witty thoughts and emotional sharing. Thanks for being "out there" in internetland and connecting me to others. No matter who looks at this blog or when you become "paper" published you are tops in mine and lots of others day and reading.

Just a side note to Frema and Luke, broccoli can be good, if it is on someone else's plate. Plus, your little niece has had a tummy ache for the last two nights, since we fed her the broccoli/chicken pureed food. So, even though I will eat it on a salad or with lots of ranch dressing, broccoli rates up there with a "don't do it".

You are my Amalah. ;)

Thanks to you blogging, which rubbed onto Number Twelve, I now blog and I had no idea what blogging was. I only hope to get better.

Blogging does kind of give you a different outlook on things, I've learned that in the past year.

Oh, and don't stress about the broccoli...but you may want to double check for the spinach. But have no fear, your blog-girlfriends will let you know, as your real life girlfriends would, when you have something in your teeth. For the record, you don't. Your writing, is, as always, flawless and enjoyable!

Also? I heart Amalah a little too and when she linked to me I think I piddled a little...

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    I will not be afraid.
    What can anyone do to me?"
    - Hebrews 13:6

    "The best way out is always through."
    - Robert Frost

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