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February 25, 2006


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And you only had to eat half a bowl of oatmeal.

You told us all how much you weigh! Brave girl you are. Can't wait to hear the results!

I'm glad that your cholesterol is going down! ;) And I'm VERY happy that you're happy you're on Amalah.com. I think it's pretty cool that I'm a side link on your blog. Thanks sister! ;)

You are so becoming the internet rockstar you deserve to be! Three cheers for Frema!

That's how I found you Frema! You were the question and I was the answer in the smackdown. lol. Doesn't it feel neat to get the spotlight on you for a little bit??

And Ps. I wish I weighed 135lbs! boo hoo. :(

Lotion Bar Bunny: When I have a few extra pennies, I'll definitely be visiting your site! Sephora is a little too rich for my strapped-for-cash blood. :)

So how are you handling the pressures of celebrity? ;-)

OK the cholestoral news was great and all but... OMG the ridiculous thrill I felt when I read my/our Frema on Amalah's site. And then to be the first to comment it? This I do not exaggerate, I stood at my dialogue window, staring not knowing what to write. And thought Write something you idiot! Someone else might post before you do!!!!. There I was star struck in the Amalah spotlight.

What? You've gained two pounds since your last visit? And you're blaming it on "your cycle"! I think you and Britney are both pregnant. Yep...I'm going to start that rumor on the internet.

(congrats on the weight loss. am so jealous!)

I have also received a few e-mails from the Queen of the Internet herself. And like you, I will save them in my inbox forever. I *totally* understand!

I rambled for a couple of posts on my blog about having a second child and the fear that I have about not being able to love my first one the way I should yada, yada, yada, when from no where, Amalah popped in and actually posted a comment! On my blog! I almost shit myself. For real. So, needless to say, I know how excited you are. I submitted a Smackdown question last August and am hoping she gets to it before I deliver my baby (due in April). I know she's a busy girl though but I'm totally jealous (in a good way) that you were on the W.A.S.
We are all SUCH nerds when it comes to Amalah.

OK, I am glad I am not the only nerd then. I was starting to think something was wrong with me when I check that blog like 50 times a day.

BTW Frema, I forgot to tell you that I linked to your blog on my 2nd blog "I need to vent." You are listed in my "Blogs I spend way too much time on," section. lol. ;)

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