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February 02, 2006


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...but the rabbi ducked!


You don't say?

Oh, and I didn't give myself the opportunity to drop out of physics. I didn't take it in the first place. :0)

I am in a seminar that sounds like that.

It is with a bunch of grad students in the German department who study linguistics. It is on an internet link-up with UNC-Chapel Hill, a university in Berlin and one in Frankfurt.

These people argue about linguistic theory and when I try and interject something to historicize the discussion, I am looked at as if I just farted.

Then they all speak German and I go and speak to the pop machine.

Ahh, limited class offerings...

Sorry Frema, but I'm lost with these comments!

And we all know science is a wonderful thing.

On the other hand, How do you get down from a duck?

...a ladder

Any body who really knows what is going on in any situation/thought process should be able to explain the basic concepts. The truth is atoms, ions and molecules either "like or dislike " each other. Then they do their interaction. It really is just that simple. The only thing is that if there are more than two of any thing, it does get much hard to know about.

The main equation in physics is maybe, F = ma. That is not so big.

MHS Science, Daddy D.

What? You *don't* understand the intricacies of DNA technology?? What kind of a blogger are you?

(I don't think I took any Science past what was required Sophmore year!)

I'm not a big fan of Science or any of your colleagues for that matter...I do love you though!! ;)

Oh no, all of these science haters coming out of the closet.

Unfortunately, science is filled with people who want to feel smarter than everyone else. The fact that you didn't follow is like crack to these individuals.

I look at these people the same way normal christians view people who picket funerals of gay soldiers. Just getting the message and point all wrong.

But please don't hate the science.
The science doesn't hate you.

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