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February 22, 2006


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Frema, how can you survive without coffee?!

I would've thrown the container away too :p

You are a better wedding register-er than I was. I went back WITHOUT Patrick and added the things that he'd previously vetoed. See, we did the whole HUGE wedding, lots of showers, what are we going to do with all this stuff, who in their right mind needs three punch bowls, why can't people include gift receipts and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHEN AM I GOING TO FINISH WRITING THANK YOU NOTES and I actually had to go back and register for more things twice because every single thing on our registry was bought and it caused my mother to have lots of anxiety. But seriously? Three punch bowls? Never taken a single one of them out of the box.

You deserve to register for your bridal shower.

Just wait until you get to register for baby things-so much more fun!

I think you guys are doing great with the whole finance thing!

"How greedy is that?"
I don't think it's greedy at all. Everyone else gets NEW stuff...why shouldn't you?
How wonderful is that little gun AND it being the Target gun at that! Ahhh, good times...good times.

Yay for Frema & Luke... and RNW doesn't know it, but my whole trip to Massachusetts thing was a ruse (put on by her Mom) to convince her to register as well. And you go ahead and tell the Internet which items you're in love with... we're listening. :)

And, I second Bflygrl impressive you are with the finances. Suze would be proud.

I knew you'd have a good time registering. I'll try to buy you each thing at least once, maybe twice. Or maybe not. I still hope you get everything on there! And as everyone else said, why wouldn't you deserve fun NEW things (with no rust stains)??

Well, the Frema head I tried to scan several times probably won't show up on the list, but kudos to anyone who can find the joke items on the registry.

Wow, you young people really have the energy to do that work. I took two trips to the store to get the love of my life a paper cup holder. It is pretty cool in that it will hold both 3 oz and 5 oz cups.

I'm glad that you had fun registering! Even though you're not going to get everything you registered for, Target is SO COOL that they'll give you a discount on registry items for a little while after your registry is complete.

P.S. You and Luke are the LEAST greedy people I know. I'm glad that you were able to pick out some new goodies! ;) I love you sister.

don't feel bad about launching the bahsketti container-- you registerred for new tupperware, right?;)

... the whole world's come undone.

Three punch bowls might be useful if you were to have a very big party. Dad, the chemistry teacher,and I received 3 silver-plated celery dishes with feet. Needless to say, all three went back to the store. Who needs silver celery dishes when you are eating P and J sandwiches, tube steaks, and grilled cheese for your meals?

I am sure though that all of Luke and Frema's shower/wedding gifts will be either practical or fun or maybe even fun as well practical

Never regret the registry. Your humble sensibilities make you feel bad, but it makes everyone happy. You get what you want. And your friends/family are happy that they can get you things that you want. See, everyone wins.

Now, that doesn't mean I'll be buying things off the registry however...

Hmm..I do think you two could use a package of c-clamps, or a an automatic onion peeler is always nice. OR perhaps some circus peanuts....

I don't completely buy into either of those sentiments but finally decided that OK, we can have a shower, and fine, we'll register, and if anyone is offended by our actions, nobody's pointing a barcode scanner at their heads. They can RSVP with a big fat "no."

another joke????

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