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February 14, 2006


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Wow, you really do have a love for soaps sister. You shouldn't have to give it up either, that's what the weekends are for! :)

I don't know that I exactly acknowledged any such thing.

All I said was that you could watch your tape during the time we normally watch Scrubs, which has been pre-empted this week.

I'm somewhat ashamed to admit this...but I used to be an AMC-aholic. Back in the days when Maria and Edmund were happy and the ever so sexy Julia was around with her hubby Noah. Ahh memories...

I love how into this you are!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Remember when Kendall was played by Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Man, those were good times...

So I haven't watched AMC (in a dedicated way, anyway) since Janet was the evil twin and wore a horrible brown wig, and threw her sister Natalie, who was married to Trevor, into a well. I believe that was in 92. Good times.


I remember when Kendall was the played by Buffy, and the last I knew Maria and Edmond were happy. But then again, I remember when Erica was married to her first husband. Was that Jeff? Ahh, I have lost contact.

Great post-wish I was into GH as much as you are into AMC.

I'm SO out of the AMC loop. Growing up is over-rated, Frema... I'm sure Pine Valley is happy to have you back.

ohhhhh Frema! I have missed AMC!! One of my friends and I would actually adjust our class schedule so we could grab 11 o'clock lunch and be back in Justin in time to watch every nail biting moment! Thanks for the update;)

I'm totally out of the loop too. I used to (get this...you'll LOVE it) listen to it on the radio at lunch. But I don't even know what happened to Greenlee...where is she? Last I knew she and Ryan's fake marriage had turned into a real one and then he drove his motorcycle off a cliff and then I kind of stopped watching.

Really? There's a character called "Janet from another planet?" That's AWESOME!

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