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February 15, 2006


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Frema you just are too friggin' funny... and Luke? Too friggin' cute for words. Happy Day to you both!!!!

I love the fact that you eat Care Bears fruit snacks....

Care Bears fruit snacks are the BEST!

Isn't it funny to look back at high school relationships and see how "deep and mature" we thought we were...teehee...never fails to give me a giggle or two.

Very cute. :-)

Oh what a woven web we weave...didn't Jon share that deep thought with us?? ;)

That brings tears to my eyes.

I am so glad the boy friend thing worked out as it has. You are a joy. With that load of gifts, I think he has enough stuff for now.


Glad to hear you had a happy day!

I bet Guyver would have loved that kiss.

So posting as myself this time, Luke, I love you also, and you're wonderful. And Frema, you crack my shit UP!

How funny are you! That story sounds waaaaaay too familiar to me! Wow, totally reliving my love of bad boys back in the 80's.

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