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February 07, 2006


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I think commenting on something that is funny and/or fun is just safe... and you so eloquently bore your soul that I'm sure it left most of your readers nothing left to really add. And who wants to risk sounding like a dork on such a touching entry? So, perhaps the number of comments on a particular post isn't the best gauge for how well you wrote it.

Either that, or, like you said, there's just a bunch of heartless lurkers out there.

You named the Store-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named!

And truthfully, I don't just hate the one here. I hate them all.

I say that sounds like my life. I seriously want a nap right now. And I've been known to graze through some strange food combinations rather than drag my butt the half mile to the grocery store. Rowen is familiar with the routine, as well, when I don't get to the pet store for her food and so she gets a nice combo of leftover rice and dog biscuit crumbs. Which probably goes a long way toward explaining her anorexia.

Maybe people did not respond to the heart-baring because...

a. the entry was up for one day before the new post appeared

b. everything turned out just fine

c.who wants to risk sounding like a dork on such a touching entry? (as stated by Number Twelve)

d. we are actually made of stone

e. all of the above

f. none of the above

h. b and c

What do I have to say about that?

I say...where do you get Care Bear snacks? They sound yummy!

Luke I am lying on the floor gasping for air right now. Poor Walmart, richer than rich off my need for the lowest prices. You cut me deep Shreck.

And Frema (since it is your blog, after all) I was counting on having more time before a new entry. Do forgive me, and go back and read your comments.

Finally, I must say, DAMN your house was E-M-P-T-Y! Don't you guys have a local pizza hut?? Hope you get to SuperTarget soon.

And now congratulate me, for typing all this with one hand while I hold baby in the other. :0)

I didn't coment cause I don't wanna wear out my welcome.
And/or I might of had a tear in my eye.
Aunt Ruthie
P.S. Besides you might "forbid" me to access your blog like Luke's did....but then it "forbid" him access too.

Make sure Luke and you stock up on ramen noodles.

Grill cheese with a hot dog bun....now thats a new one.

I was a poor college student once....but never was smart enough to think of that one!

I was calling so I wouldn't be
r-u-d-e because YOU AND I said we'd try to get a hold of eachother that day. Geeze, I just wanted you to know I didn't forget about you.

Get some groceries sister! Canned foods are good. ;)

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