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February 24, 2006


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I'm going to go with option 2 on this one...its just one of those things that you don't want to have white out on...

And I ALWAYS seem to screw up things like that; the ones you REALLY aren't supposed to screw up at all. Because I? Kind of suck like that...

I remember when your mother wrote your name over and over on a piece of paper just before you were born, with different spellings and middle names-and different B's!Maybe you could just tell them you were just trying a different B.

I think you've already succeeded in creating a special memory for your future kiddliwinks :p

I say just use the White Out. If the page was another color then white I would say get a new one but since it is white use a ew White Out bottle an call it a day.

P.S. You can always blame their father! Say he screwed it up :o)

Any of our children will clearly be able to see that is Mommy's handwriting.

Anyways, there's also option No. 4, it's a looseleaf page and can be replaced, leaving no one but the Internet the wiser.

You're too funny! Leave it alone, it will be ok. In years to come you will open your book and roll your eyes as you pass the first page, and your kids will say, "Nice, Mom." And it will be fine.

Orrrr - head over to the Hallmark store and heist the first page out of another book, eh? Eh? Then your children will not know that you messed up your writing...though they may know that you served a prison sentence for stealing if you get caught.

Either way. :0)

I was going to say just replace that one page if you can. But, I don't know if that's an option.
I have never laughed so hard about someone describing a "B"


whenever i mess up something like that, i always go the sticker route. just find a sticker of some sort that's large enough to cover your mistake.

in this case, you'd need several large stickers....

but that's my advice and i'm sticking to it :)

ps - if my word verification doesn't cheer you up, i don't know what will. "foybi"!!

I would do the tape white-out. If that doens't look good then buy a new one.

Honey, you are a stitch!!! Anyway, after seeing your "disaster?!" why don't you just trace over the L in Luke a few more times like your B and then they'll match ... or look that much worse!!! but your kids will think it's okay cuz Mommy did it, and then when they're older they'll make fun of you for it!!!( Right Mol and Sant?!)

How is it that these choices seem unbelievably dumb but tremendously important all at the same time?

And funny thing I deal with this kind of nitty gritty crap all the time for my client's work (ahem). But it's those details that make ALLLLL the difference. :)

Don't you dare get a new book. You're kids will like to know that mommy is not perfect...and I think it's cute. ;)

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. This is the best post ever. And I love that you have pictures to prove it.

(and I love that you did something even sillier than I would do!)

Seriously...I can't stop laughing!

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