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March 29, 2006


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You can't fool me. Just because you haven't written such a list down, doesn't mean one doesn't exist floating around in your head.

I think its really great that you are being so careful about such a big decision. And it sounds like you are really learning some interesting stuff.

As far as the SVH lessons...I haven't read any of them in SO long, I'm having a hard time remembering details than their personalities or what they drove. Didn't they have an older brother? Was his name Jeff?

It is interesting that you linked to a website of an Anglican (Episcopalian in the U.S.) church concerning the Virgin Mary in your larger quest to probe your religious beliefs.

I have always thought that the Anglican church makes an admirable compromise position between Catholics and Protestants. Much of the ritual is maintained, as is a good portion of the theology.

The difference is almost seamless. There is no pope and less saints. Their services very closely resemble Catholic ones (especially after the Second Vatican Council).

You said Luke was raised a Methodist? That is another thing that would recommend the Episcopalian church. The Methodists, founded in 18th century England by John Wesley, sought at first to reform the C of E by "getting back to basice." Really, it was a larger reaction to the disaffection of much of England with high church politics.

There are even Methodists (or there were) that believed that they never formally split with the C of E.

I guess what I am trying to say is that Methodism, Catholicism and Anglicanism share much that is valuable and much that both of you would find familiar and worthwhile.

The perspective of history, in this case at least, shows that the three traditions derive closely from each other. I could, of course, go on about this (I will eventually take a prelim field in Modern British social history).

If you are interested in the topic, I can provide furher suggestions.

Best of luck as always.

Good luck with your investigation. I didn't know that perpetual virgin thing until after college, either. And didn't know about the Sundays-off in Lent thing until college.

If I can put my 2 cents in: I think, ultimately, the most important thing for your future children is to raise them in an environment that models strong morals, teaches tolerance of others, and supports them when they eventually question their faith and seek their own spiritual path. And I have no doubt that you and Luke will do that, regardless of which denomination you attend.

It's so admirable the way you are looking into all of this so thoroughly. You will find the right place for you guys, without a doubt.

Le contest? Not for me. But luck to all competitors!

Can't wait to see ya in a couple days!!


The other day I was filling out an online form that asked about my religious affiliation. For the first time in my life, I did not check "Catholic".

That was a tough one for me. I think it was necessary though. What was even harder was the choice between "other religion" and "non-religious". Because I don't currently belong to a religion, does that mean i'm "non-religious"?

And, for the sake of saying it...I know it was just a piddly internet survey form, but where were the choices for the major Eastern religions???

Frema...this is TOO hard. I can not (for the life of me) come up with a lesson I've learned from SVH. It has been too long to remember.


Don't drink and Drive. Or do drugs.

Oh, and make sure to be friends with the nerdy girls (like Enid), because they are better people than the rest of us.

That's all I have.

And that's sad.

Religion...it can be so difficult. After 31 years of being so-called Catholic, these past two years I have now considered myself non-denominational. Your decision will come from your heart.

Marriage is all about compromise. Religion is a VERY hard thing to compromise on. With that said, know that I think of you often and hope that you and Luke can both manage to meet in the middle on this issue. It's a very hard thing to do and to deal with. Wishing you continued luck.

You're really great sister. I think it's so important for EVERYONE to explore their religion in their lifetime, and you're doing such a thorough investigation.

As for Sweet Valley High, I can't believe you're still blogging about it. You crack me up! ;)

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