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March 31, 2006


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Hope the shower is lots of fun. May you enjoy delicious food and receive many matching bath towels. :)

Sorry to hear about Brenda. Poor lady.

And I'm glad you're feeling better about the whole religion thing. I am sure that's hard. I often think about how much harder it would be if my husband and I weren't the same religion.

But you're Mom's right...as long as you believe in God and are doing what you think is best for you and your family. That's what matters.

You bring me back to almost 15 years when I got married.
So many decision, that I forgot to paint my nails the, left hand were my most beautiful ring was to be worn for always.
Enjoy all that comes with this most special day.
God Bless.

You really sound like you are at peace with the whole religion thing and I'm so happy for you (and Luke) that that is the case.
As for Brenda? D'oh! I hope she has a super speedy recovery.

Parents can often surprise us. Enjoy your wedding shower.

I absolutely love Kasia! She is wonderful, she does exactly what you ask her to do. She is so sweet. I trusted her to do my hair for my wedding without going for a test run and I think my hair was beautiful for my wedding. I think all my girls hair turned out great for the wedding.

That's great that your parents would be open to your feelings on religion. Hell, I'M at peace just hearing that your mom was that cool about things:)

As for your hair, I'm glad that your stand in comes with great recommendations... for my sister's wedding, taking place in Bufu, Egypt, all that was available to me was Beth, "the taliban hairdresser" who had a habit of only cutting my hair every third time I visited her shop (the emperor's new clothes, kind of situation). Oh yes, and I hope your shower turned out great! (sorry I couldn't be there)

I'm so glad that talking about it with your mom went well. That's wonderful. And no wonder I had no idea what you were talking about the other day with the replacement hair girl...little did I know you had BLOGGED. (Check much? Well, usually!)

At least there's Kasia!! ;)

You and Luke are fabulous.

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