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March 13, 2006


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(Another) great entry Frema... just so you know, if you can part with $50 (I think?), I have someone in the family that has a keyboard and plays at your gazeebo for weddings all the time. I can get specifics if you're interested. Although, I personally could care less if you have a boombox. :)

Hi Bree!
I like Luke's last name, it has a certain nobiliy about it. Just think of all this invitation stuff as pratice for the baby books, You should be a pro by then! Also, your mother always praticed her penmanship on paper, your name was written about 1000 times with every different spelling and middle name before you were even born so take a lesson from mom-pratice makes perfect!
Love Auntie Di

"penmanship malfunction" - I love this phrase!

And now all but those few invitations we needed more address info for are in the mail.

There's no turning back now.

Now come on, I know you know that we know that you know it would be written "One hundred Third Street" :)

What a great feat to have under your belt! Wedding's on!

I hope checking for wedding responses gets just as exciting for you as checking for blog comments!

When it comes to the laughs, I'll resort to anything...even bad grammar.

Did you really say hi to auntie Diane and uncle Steve?! ;) Anywho, I'm glad that you got your invitations out...you both must feel sooooooo relieved.

And what is up with double envelopes? It's the little complications I tell ya-but you must admit it was KINDA fun to do. ;)

Wow...it's getting closer.

Once the invitations go out...there's no turning back (and that's a good thing)!

Emily Post is related to the devil. I'm sure of it.
The invitations being done is a BIG accomplishment. Congrats girl.

Honestly, who really knows all the rules?

I bet your wedding will be a blast! Can't wait to read the blog after THAT day comes!

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