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March 09, 2006


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And you just remember that your dad let you pick out WHATEVER frames you wanted when our kids need glasses.

But don't worry, there might be a few pictures of my past that still exist, and if you look hard enough for a one of me in high school, you might find a mullet.

Please for the love of GOD will someone explain to me why it is that only children too young to know that they have fabulous and perfect hair are the ones bleesed with said hair? Its JUST. NOT. RIGHT.

and that would be BLESSED, not bleesed...anyone know what bleesed means?

I enjoyed looking at your pictures! I think your dad looks kind of like John Travolta in that family shot. :)

That was an enjoyable post - 80s fashion is so distinctive!

This post and the pictures made me laugh so hard. Not really AT you, but at the time period.

I love your glasses. They are huge! But you have nobody but yourself to blame since you picked them out. That's the best part.

And am I a dork because I love the little dress with the cherry on the collar. It's precious!

I bet if Luke looks real hard he can find one or two pictures of himself in those cute UNDEROOS...... Spiderman or Superman...all the craze back in the 70's -80's.
Aunt Ruthie

Ha! That was great! Love the pictures, LOVE the narration! I bet your mother would have kept you home that whole WEEK had you just held Donna while she recovered. ;O)

And I also noticed that there's a striking resemblence in this picture of Donna to a few pictures I have of baby Jack. Maybe we are related. (Come hold my baby.)


I love the early life pictures. It is a joy to have you coming into the Dunscombe family name.

I have no shame in this game. I too have had the awful experience of having lice. I always felt worse for you though because it DID take the WHOLE bottle and a very long time. Just the other day I had to send a student home for a possible lice case...it sent shivers down my spine and automatically made me scratch my head the rest of the day.

I love these pictures! Your glasses are priceless! Think how far you've come with Prada! ;)


Frema is forever beautiful including the pictures with the lovely necklace and the fashionable glasses.

When I first wore glasses, I selected large frames because I thought that would help my vision.

Another thought... Look at Frema in the first baby picture. Now, look at the present day Frema in the "About Me" section. That is same happy, jovial girl. That's our Frema.

Thanks for sharing your pictures! I think you look beautiful, so stop poking fun at yourself. ;)

Thanks for sharing the pictures. You look absolutely adorable!

very cute pictures!

those frames were cool at that time.

Hey, Frema! I've visited your site to look at just the first picture so many times I can't count! And if you reproduce children 1/2 as cute (sorry, Luke, not implying anything here) that first picture? OMG, no wonder you're baby crazy. And, I'm obsessing over what was that photographer doing to get you to giggle and show those dimples so wonderful and perfect because I've got THREE girls and have not scored SUCH a great shot. And the rest of the photos make me want to join the family so I can live in that whacky apartment building y'all got going on.

Outstanding, entry Frema! Makes me want to encourage the baby fever, but I believe you don't need encouragement in that area. And, also, makes me want to meet your mother. Amazing. :)

Loved the narrations and pictures Frema! I too had face-eating glasses... I loved them so much, I picked the identical pair a second time- spending a total of four years with magnified acne on my cheeks. A+. And those were my early teen years! You know what I always say though, God always presents a window of opportunity for change- I just never thought they would be on my face.

Awesome entry...Love the pictures.

Guess what, your little Cousin Christian at 11 years old just found out he has to wear glasses and I WAS going to let him pick them out but...guess which ones he wanted? yep you guessed it-the BIG ones-they are making a come back-thank you Mary-Kate and Ashley!
We opted for more Potteresk ones.
I'm sure we'll laugh later too!
Love Auntie Di

You were such a cutie! (Still are, of course.) Love the pictures and the commentary. I'm thinking there should be a PSA warning parents against letting kids pick out their own glasses. You will all regret it later on!

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