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March 08, 2006


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Congratulations! You and Luke will be oh so happy. I hope he realizes what a lucky guy he is!

I'm sure Luke wants to marry you BECAUSE some of your quirks and funny stories! And the wedding reception? Like I said when we talked, I'm over it, and was over it the very same day. It's ok. So pleeeeeeeeease don't beat yourself up over that one! As Wilson Phillips would sing, "you won't see me cry..." (I secretly know all the lyrics too. EEK!)

That is the thing about getting married...accepting the person for who they are. And you truly are a wonderful person.

It didn't truly hit me until my dad and I were hiding around the corner and I saw M walk into the chapel with the officients. Suddenly I couldn't find my breath. :)

I'm still mad about not being able to be a apart of the Chicago Chicks Club. I thought your were all soooo cool! ;) And now... j/K

Anywho, you'll be a great wife and it really is eye opening when you come to realize that. I was and still am a little googly when I am referred to as Dan's wife. It makes me proud and all mushy.

You'll be a great wife with so many great things to bring to your relationship with Luke and your future children.

P.S. I'm telling mom that you used to swear in the Mad Libs book! ;)

Oh Sam, don't you know your mom already knows she wrote bad words in her madlib book? She used to snoop in your stuff all the time, bad words in a book can't get you pregnant....
B, I love you and Luke seems to be the jello in your mold-go forth and be wed!
Love Auntie Di

Oh. No. If I'd asked my mother what an orgasm was -- in any grade, I think the earth would have taken pity on the both of us and imploded.

Seriously though, I'm sure Luke knows what a great girl he's got. And don't worry about loading the dishwasher. Didn't you know, that rule totally changes after you're married.

Have to chime in here, really Frema, if this is bad as you get... this is a-l-l your baggage to date? Puh-lease! You two are so cute and so in love and bicker and correct each other in the comments section makes me smile. Well wishes to you both. So glad I know you well enough to be a part of it. Looks like I got in just in the nick of time. Grin.

Okay, I have to go and read your New Kids post.

Anyway, being married rocks. At least I like it. And I'm pretty sure my husband does to. I'm sure you and Luke are going to be very happy and in love.

And like I always tell people....marriage is all about taking baths together, candles, and sex.


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