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March 14, 2006


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Oh my God -- we were roommates then, and ohhhh the excitement from you! Too funny. :0)

M and I have a friend who was on Jerry Springer. He's a wrestler in real life, going by the name Latin Love Machine, but on the show it was "revealed" that he was having an affair with a woman's husband.

I know... wha???

Anyhow, it was apparently all worth it, because now when he runs into the ring the announcer can yell, "And straight from the Jerry Springer Show-- the Latin Love Machine!"

Um your friend? Jason Chambers? Is SERIOUSLY hot.

Are you telling me that Jerry Springer isn't real? I know it's totally out there...but NOT real.


Jerry Springer isn't real? My world is shattered.

So when are you going to introduce me to Jason?

Not all the stories are fake, but a lot of them are. That actually makes me feel much better about the American public and society in general.

Actually frema now I feel worse about the American public as I thought I'd found a place where my neuroses would be finally accepted nay embraced...Is it my fault that I'm a 1200lb man pregnant by a Klansman transsexual hermaphrodite who periodically dates my mother and is cheating on my conjoined half sister? I think not!


great post :)

I remember Jason Chambers.... he MC'ed Mr. Puma like 2 years ago, right?

Definitely a hottie.

I might as well not even comment b/c I was also going to be all Whaaaaaaat!!!??? Springer isn't real!!!?????

Is he coming to your wedding?

I like to pride myself on being able to pick out the fake stories on Jerry Springer. I like to pretend it's an actual talent.

Hmmmmm he just might be potential rental material for someone's upcoming bachelorette party. (You HAVE mentioned that you're having one, right?)

Ah, Jason...so many memories. I miss having him around.

I know people always said that Springer was fake, but you are our proof. Thanks for telling!

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