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March 24, 2006


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I like to be called "honey" and "sweetie", as long as the person is not being snotty when using the term. If she is doing it to put you down then tell the b^tch to stop.

Okay,okay, I confess a number of faults, and I vow to work on the second one.

First of all, I am way over 40.
Second, I am guilty of calling people by pseudo-affectionate names like "dear" (although not repetitively.) Hopefully, this does not seem condesecending to those called by those endearing terms, but I understand your point. You are an educated, business professional with a lovely name.

In the b*tch's defense, maybe she can't remember your name, or maybe she can't pronounce your name.

To clarify: I don't mind terms of endearment from family and friends. It's when people I don't know very well do it that it comes off as belittling. They wouldn't call their superior by a pet name, so why do it to me?

I'm tempted to call HER "honey," just to see what she does.

From your 40 year old aunt, get over it B-your in Indiana now, I'm surprised you haven't come across it before? These are terms of endearment or habit, kinda just like calling everyone "dude" whether your a girl or a guy. So just call her a Dude and leave us 40-somethings alone-blame it on geography instead.
Love Auntie Di

I think you should one-up her and start calling her related names, like "honey-buns" or "honeydew melons." See where that gets you.

"Cupcake" would be funny!

I understand and agree with you (but I'm also cracking up). If it was your mother or grandmother calling you "honey" then that's one thing. But a co-worker? And all the time? That would get on my nerves too. Call her darlin' and see what happens.
Oh, and can you believe I never read SVH books?

That would be driving me crazy too!

I work in an office with a girl who is two years older than me. She constantly calls me honey and it drives me nuts. It's almost demeaning, like she doesn't respect me or something.

If you want to call me honey and get away with it, you need to be old enough to be my mom.

You should definitely call that woman "honey," just to see what happens. Hopefully she has no idea it's coming across as condescending.

Also, a contest? With SVH books as the prize? Um, how sad am I that that really is the most exciting thing I've heard all week? I need to get out more.

A contest is a great idea, honey.

(I'm too far away from you to slap me.)

There's a nurse somewhere in this building, who, when she calls down here, uses all those("honey", "sweetie", and "dear") to make it sound like she's nice, even though she's being rude and demanding you do something.
I hate that.

Okay,okay... I'm guilty and I'm over 50!Sometimes, I use the term as endearment and sometimes just because I have a touch of "old timer's"! Honey, I'm sorry if it upsets you! Really though, I know that some use it to be condescending ! But the old man, he didn't know your name and he had to be nice and call you something... Sweetie!!

SVH and Nancy Drew= One happy Frema

Hmmm...maybe she needs to get slizzzapped in the face! Or maybe you could just try the reverse honey thing, too. ;)

See, I was more a Judy Blume gal... I'm terribly curious about SVH now. Love to see what you come up with to see if I can't score myself one of those extra copies.



oh, oh, oh...hurry, what is the contest? Because I want to win those books!

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