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March 16, 2006


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Yeah! You know?

I don't think that the word "findability" would be your skill in finding missing items, but rather it would mean your ability to be found, like wearing neon colors or carrying a large sign. A very good skill to have for meeting people in a large crowd or at the airport.

Manners, shmanners...people can be really gross! I once knew this kid who ate from a jar of applesauce using her BARE HANDS!! Craaaaaaaaazy! ;)

Had you used the knife and several peices of coffee stirrers (stirrers? stirrerrerrerrs, whatever) to fashion a home-made fork, I bet he or she who laid out the spread would have realized that there was something missing.

Maybe they spent the cutlery budget on the unstickable almond-braided coffee cake?!

I'll be back in the office setting on Monday, and I'll just be grateful I won't have to wipe anyone down after meal or snacktime.

And, true that on the Baby Boomers, Frema. I'm just hoping you didn't hear anyone oink. OK, I just crossed the line.

Great entry Frema!

Not all of us Boomers care that much for big business. Many of us sit around in our groovy hippie clothes singing "We Shall Overcome" while eating our tofu with our fingers.

This post really spoke to me, Frema. It said, "USE MORE PARENTHESES."

Spoons and forks...who needs them?! If there is food in front of me, I'll find a way to get it in my belly!!

(and always nice to get out of the office for a bit!)

It's almost been a week! Luke is beating you with post.

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