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April 13, 2006


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You're so very exciting! I'll get right on that! (Weird things? ME?)

Oh yes...something to post about tomorrow instead of...

DAMN IT, I'm still pregnant and at work!!


I'll jump on the bandwagon sister. ;) I feel special to be tagged, Ms. Flamingo.

I'll have to think on this one over the weekend and post on it on Monday. SIX things huh? That the internet DOESN'T already know about me? I'll come up with them, I know I will!

OH MY GOD! Hello hello!!!! You got tagged by Amalah. If you weren't so cute and happy-in-love-about-to-get-married I would ate you!

Gotta go :(

While we weren't lucky enough to be tagged, it is great reading all these posts. My wife is due to be induced next Friday, April 21. We are well overdue now, but hey, it seems like a lot of women are late this year. Check out my BLOG at http://schafty.blogspot.com/


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