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April 28, 2006


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Too cool! So, glad they got rid of the sexist blood test. In 14 days, I get to say do you mean this Mrs. Dunscombe or that one or that one at the wedding. Yeah!!!!

Yay for the marriage license!

Ohh very good! And, ha! I remember the excitement when we got our marraige license. When you have a baby they'll make you go through STD testing and information crap again, and give you brochures for just in case you pass whateverthehell on to your baby. Indiana, a fun place to live.

I just emailed you, also. :0) Good luck on everything you have to do today!!

Will you be doing the YMCA?

But it would be so much more fun to call him Hus-sy...

Haha, maybe that'll be my new pet name for Patrick. "Vice-President In Charge Of Planning And Implementation" is just SUCH a hassle...

Congratulations on the license. We almost forgot to get ours and had to go the DAY BEFORE the wedding...oops...

IS there a part of the cert that the priest must sign? IF not, then you ares married. If so, then it's not official until he oks it.

Ohio gives priest rights to deem a couple legally married.

Almost there! I love that you thought the clerk was gonna do it right then and there; I'm sure I would have thought the same thing.

I DID think the same thing and then the lady at the courthouse laughed histerically at me and dimissed us. When we got to the car my hubby explained it to me in very simple terms and I got it. ;) (I was a little stressed.)

very exciting!! best wishes!!

Indiana does the whole marriage bid different...thank God for no STD's, huh?! ;)

Anywho, your wedding is creeping up like a wedgie! ;) I"M SO HAPPY FOR YOU TWO!

Much cooler than how it went down for us in Seattle. They just asked us to swear that we were who we said we were. And then took our money.

Your story is MUCH better.

(so, you weren't stoned? Because that would make the story even cooler!)

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