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April 10, 2006


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Oh my gosh, this is hard.

For our wedding we asked our friend (who had introduced us to each other) to make a mix tape. I love it and used to listen to it back when I could still play a tape.

As for songs that make me dance...what about "Golddigger"? That would be awesome for a wedding!!

I love reading your writing Bree. You had me laughing out loud at work, and I'm not supposed to be reading blogs at work! If it makes you feel any better, went through the same thing myself.

What about the electric slide?

How about playin me some LaBouche? Haha! I can't wait to get out there on the dance floor - gonna be a great time! :0)

Does anyone remember how to do the bus stop? I am sure a few of your aunts do. Must be done to the song Night Fever by the BeeGees.

"I Want You" by Savage Garden is an old favorite of mine. That one has Phil's vote, too.

(chic-a-cherry cola)

I can't believe he banned "YMCA." Come on, that's a classic! I am a bit ashamed, though, that I know what The Percolator is. And that I think it's Time for it right now.

If you used to work in a line-dancing bar, which you already hated, and was forced to hear YMCA a good three times a night, you'd want to ban it, too.

And, Frema, as far as my own musical tastes go, I do know plenty of comptemporary music. Just not much of it is pop or dance. So nah!

You've got to have hip-hop...and oldies, such as "We Are Family" "Cha-Cha Slide" and ohhh I can think of millions more. Songs that get my feet moving are late 80's-90's dance music, you know the classics. And also popular radio tunes. We wanted people to get down at our wedding and they did. ;) If you want some song suggestions, pretty please let us know!! ;) Trust me, my hubby the DJ is well experienced in this most important detail.

motown and 50's
thats my kind on oldies

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