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April 18, 2006


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Perhaps if you threatened it? Or talked dirty to it?

I remember stressing about my hair on my wedding day, because 1)it's very fine and doesn't like to hold any kind of shape, and 2)because our wedding was in DC in July, which means hot and humid, which means 3)hair that is even less cooperative than usual.

Enough hairspray to demolish the ozone and 3 trillion bobby pins did the trick.

I don't know what side of town you live on, but there's a great place called Snips in Irvington - the owner, Anthony, is an excellent colorist (and stylist too!).

Hey maybe you'll get a great re-do just in time for the par-tay with the girls. I had mine highlighted just two weeks before our wedding and it was the most blonde I'd ever gone - totally unintentionally. It turned out ok though. You will be ok too. :0)

I usually go to Mario Tricoci's and they do an excellent job. They have a training school which is pretty reasonable....there are a couple locations in case you are interested:

5321 N. Harlem Ave. in Chicago, 5485 E. State St. in Rockford, & 530 E. North Ave. in Glendale Heights



No matter what, I'm sure you're going to look beautiful!

You could go punk and dye it the wedding colors. Hmmmm?

I am sure that your hair will be stunning. I like the new blog colors and the blog header picture.
Good work, Frema

Personally, I think you should just be happy that you don't have an obtrusive cowlick on the back of your head that makes everything back there stick up like it was pointing to Magnetic North. God, do I hate it.

That said, I understand the frustration in not having the perfect hair. I sincerely hope that on your wedding day, it's the least of your worries.

And....excellent choice in blog template!

When I first started reading this entry it was a floral like template, and then after refreshing the page, it changed...odd. Nevertheless, I like your new template choice and cute little saying under the title of your blog. ;)

Anywho, more importantly, your hair will turn out GREAT. You always freak a little and then bounce back with this amazing look. You have beautiful curls my darling sister and your women at Enve will help you manage them. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!


Hair strands are most definitely female...as mine are the moodiest ever...they just refuse to do what I want them to do ;p

Are you wearing a veil? That'll cover them in an emergency!

LOL. You are just like me! My roots were so grown out they could've made their own wig! I had to wait 4 months to get my hair done 'cause I just didn't have the $. I just went last week to get it done because I have a HUGE event coming up on 4/29 that I totally need to look good at...and my hair kind of looks sucky. Sucky suck suck.

I totally feel you right now. Believe me.

And I am getting excited about your soon to be wedding!!!

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