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April 12, 2006


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There's NO WAY the love affair with writing utensils is weird. NO. Not possible since that would mean I am also weird.


Ahem, you failed to mention that you also frequently steal them, like some sort of pen-klepto.

It must be an epidemic! I could spend hours in the pen aisle at Office Depot! I have at least 15 pens in my purse right now! We need to start a club here in Indy!

Very exciting to have been tagged, friend. :0)

I know the pen thing well, having lived with you for six months. I can remember sitting on our beds talking, and you doodling the entire time. I figured out quickly that you really could do both of these things at the same time (talk, and write.)

The flamingo thing is too funny!

And, I was so happy to click your blog for the fifteenth time last night to find a new post. Two in a day is very exciting for your loyal readers...er...stalkers...Call us what you must.

Can't turn left? I need more of an explanation for this one.

I was dreaming that you would tag me. Mostly because I have nothing to write about today except, "get this damn baby out of my belly!"

Alas, I was not tagged.

Oh, and I knew your friend was in a Taco Bell commerical. But I didn't know who he was. But when you said the gold guy-I knew exactly who you meant.

And that commerical freaks my husband OUT!

Flowers in the Attic is SUCH a disturbing movie. Cool meme!

Isabel--number six is actually a movie quote. Can anyone guess which one?

I knew I had heard it before. But I don't know where it's from.

And I just spend hours trying to come up with a NOT so clever picture post to get my mind off my huge belly.

I may get desperate and do the meme tomorrow!


European Vacation

You do Meme's so well. Jason sooooo reminds me of Joey from Friends at times.

Answer to number six: Zoolander. I thought I was so slick for coming up with that, and yet my humor is lost on the masses.

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