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May 20, 2006


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Bree, I am so glad you had a wonderful day!!!! Molly did a great job keeping us all up to speed with the "first to be seen photos" of your wedding!!!
I hope you guys had a wonderful time on your honeymoon. Can't wait to hear all about it! (I assumed you were going to tell us about it...sorry)
Congrats again!!!

The reception was stunning. I cried along with Number Twelve when your father announced to everyone, "This is my daughter!". BTW-I did notice the fountain!!!

Hell, you're making *me* cry. I'm glad it went well. Also, I've heard that rain on your wedding day is good luck.

Lastly, I *love* your short dress!

The wedding day was a joy as was each and everyday before May 12, 2006. Everyday, hence forth will also be a joy. One week plus a day seems like it is in the past, but that day will live in our hearts forever.

i loooooove you breain and im super excited for u N lukes future together! lots of love

~your little sister, donna~

What a wonderful day for you guys, rain and all. And your dad, yes, not a dry eye in the house.

Also you should re-mention the cds that you made for your guests, because I kid you not, this house has it memorized. Then you should market and sell them to people. See? Stay-at-home-mom work. :0)

Bree, sounds like your day was perfect - despite the rain and having no gloss for the photos (I will definately keep a stash somewhere). We actually booked our photographers (twin sisters who are from the region). Can't wait to here more about your day!! :)

I hope you had a wonderful Honeymoon. It was a perfect day.I heard the guest loved the icing. they were bragging that it was different. The day after your wedding ,John and I took Amber to the site to show her how nice it was and a wedding was going on in the rain. They had chairs but no one was sitting in them. They would of just took up space. I say leave it alone.The chairs looked stupid not being used.

I love your dress!! I don't know you, but I am so happy for you! You make me want to get married right now!!

I was so excited to read about the wedding. I can just tell how happy you are. I can also totally feel the love you have for Luke and your precious Dad.

Glad to hear that things went well...even if there was rain the the chairs weren't set up (I would totally ask for some money back...but I'm cheap that way!)

Congrats a million times over.

I love you sister!

P.S. I noticed the fountain and have raved to everyone how beautiful it was! I would also ask for some kind of refund for the space because your chairs weren't set up and that's probably a big reason you had to rent the space in the first place.

Sounds like it was a lovely day, despite the rain.

What lovely photos you've posted and thank you for sharing all the details :D

I really love your dress!

Yes, thanks for sharing some of the behind the scenes details, it was a fantastic day! And me and Molly and Kevin all noticed the fountain:)

And about the chairs, I honestly thought it was more charming to stand as close as we were to you guys during the ceremony. Very sweet and intimate for your guests... Though that fact does not have to be mentioned to your rental people if you do call to get some kind of refund;)

Congrats again!

Congratulations! You and your husband looked gorgeous and so happy. And the story about your dad totally choked me up. So sweet. Yay marriage!

No more talk about marrying anyone else or I'll have to kick some arses.

Congrats! I love all your pictures! Your wedding looked like it was a beautiful one! :)

I love weddings!

hey we're waiting for more info about the wedding and honeymoon, update

You two look BEAUTIMOUS! And, I've heard that rain on your wedding day is good luck.

Also, thank you for the heads up over at We3. I can't believe all three of us totally glazed over that little factoid of, "I am, too."

Good lookin' out. :-)

It's been a week already.

Come back to us, wonderful Frema. We miss you.

Helllllooooooooo?! Mrs. Useless Clutter? Are you there? Are we redesigning our blog to accomodate our new marital status? Are we making babies? What exactly is going on with your new married self?

Give us somethin', puh-weeeeez?

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