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May 05, 2006


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Wow - first time ever being the first to comment on your blog...! How exciting, you being the mega star of blogging and all!

Anyway...I recognize some of those faces on there from Maria. Was that one picture on there from the "student lounge" that was down from the gym? I think I was in there once. It was where you cool theatre girls hung out!

Glad you threw a Sarah McLachlan song in there. I love her music.

Oh, and my friend Oneida, who also reads your blog also worked some summers at the Pretzel Maker. Maybe you two can swap some stories one day! She still owns 2 of their aprons!

Yes, Megastar of Blogging. I tell everyone that you are the Princess of Blogging.

But Princess Frema, I am flabbergasted, amazed, and surprised that the Peter Quince picture is you. Even now that I know, it is difficult to see the lovely Frema in the picture.


And, really, I thought the mutual love we had for Amalah and Noah, pre-teen lit and the whole nuptial-izing ("getting married" is sooo blase!) in 2006 was enough to prove we would so totally be real life friends, but um...your songs, they so remind me of my own life soundtrack (which also includes the very drama-surrounded song "I Can Love You Like That" by All 4 One...All 4 One, Frema, All 4 One...)! Funniest part of this whole thing is that on my drive home from work yesterday, guess what ENTIRE CD I listened to, and sang along to (loudly, with the windows all open)and knew every word to and felt so back in 1995 and realized I had no clue what angst was back then really and WOW, I have owned this CD for 10 years.....Jagged Little Pill. (Quick question and then I shall end this novel...did the cassette have the "secret track" at the very end? If it didn't, have you heard said track? And if not, I should really send it to you because that whole album song set is not complete without it.)

P.S. One more week! Oh.My.Gosh!

Lauren--my cassette TOTALLY had a secret track, and yes. It is awesome. But also? A wee bit creepy.

Two things:

1. Ethan Hawke can't sing.

2. Drinking an entire fifth of whiskey and NOT passing out with your head in the toilet would really be quite a feat. That's a quite a bit of booze.

OK, so maybe it wasn't quite a fifth, but it was at least half. And he was still nasty! He didn't have a car, so he had taken the train to Rensselaer on Friday night, and the only train back to Chicago was the 6:50 a.m. one on Saturday, and if he missed that one he'd have been there until Monday, so you better beLIEVE I powerwalked him the whole twenty minutes to the station that morning, so nervous was I that he'd miss the train and propose to me before lunch. You know, when he was done throwing up.

I totally heart ALL those songs! Whatever happed to Savage Garden anyway...

I almost spit out my coffee when I read the caption of your costume for Peter Quince. Sweet lord that was hilarious!

Good luck on your big day next weekend!


I am so squeeing at this list. I am woman enough to get into this, Frema, but not woman enough to reveal pictures of my high school self to all and sundry. Trust me, it's for your own good.

But "Change The World"! Pre-breakdown Mariah Carey! And yes, the Spice Girls! This is the mix I would have made if only I were a bit more brave. I can't wait to get my copy.

SO MANY SONGS I wish I'd thought of.

And "Not The Doctor" and "To The Moon And Back" are some of my favorite songs. "To The Moon And Back" is infinitely superior to the "chicka cherry cola" song.

And, OH MAN, "Change the World" was on the Phenomenon soundtrack, a movie I saw, no shit, THREE TIMES in a week: once after work the day before it was released, once with my mom, and once with the guy from work I was madly in love with.

I LOVE THIS CD. LOVE IT. Although, it's a little trippy, as it's bringing back TONS of memories I'd totally forgotten I had.

Also, I have While You Were Sleeping in DVD. Feel free to stop in and watch it next time you're in the neighborhood.

What a writing talent you have. I have never written so much at any one time. What a joy to have you into the family!

Man oh man sister, you really know how to take a girl back into the day. Your list of songs does not surprise me, as you listened to them PROFUSELY when we were bunk/roommates. I used to go CrAzY because you played, "Now I Lay Me" or whatever that song is called, a million times a day.

You picture of Peter Quince is really funny Bree. You've always made goofy ass faces in pictures, it's kinda your trademark. Anywho, I still love and listen to "China" all the time and have you to thank for it.

Your blog has really taken off sister. I'm never the first to comment anymore...and your 1st commenter was so right about you being the megastar of blogging.

I LOVE YOU!!!!! ;)

I knew that you would check your comments before you went to bed and I had to make you happy with a 12th comment. It was so nice seeing you today. I am going to get spoiled seeing you so much in the last few months. I'll see you on Thursday! I love You!

ps I hope you liked the home video we showed you before you left here :o)

Awesome! Too awesome!

I'm so glad you pimped out our uniform. That was some crazy style baby.

And Change the World? As soon as it came out it was immediately my "song" with the love of my life (at the moment.)

Excellent list. What a fun exchange. :o)

I lurve you!

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