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May 12, 2006


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Congrats, Frema! Your wedding anniversary will always be the day after ours ;)

I can hardly contain myself! I'm so so so excited for you!

Have the most fabulous day ever--I'm sending you some sunshine from TX.

At least you and Dad could walk down the aisle. You have to get from from point A to point B (the gazebo) anyway.

I am soooo excited for you!!! I can't handle it!

Best wishes and much love today! Yay! Squee! I'm so excited for you!

YES YES!!! I'm here in Indiana waiting for my clothes to dry so I can doll up and head out the door. Thanks for the updates. I'll see you soon!!!

So! Excited! For you! Hope you get to walk down the aisle with your dad, and your special day is everything you hoped it would be. (Man, do I sound like a Hallmark card or what?)

Today is your day. I hope you can all the things that you want. You are totally allowed to be a Bridezilla!

Your hair and the procession were wonderful! ;)

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