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June 30, 2006


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I'm still reeling from the idead that I spent my whole life trying NOT to get pregnant and living blindly with the middle school doctrine that if you had unprotected sex just ONCE, you'd get pregnant. (I also distinctily recall being 8 and telling my mother I was pregnant--I kissed the next-door neighbor boy)
Fast forward to age 32 and deciding that we would TRY to get pregnant.
I cried many times over those periods. I know how you feel.
At the same time: I tested negative 12 times before we got the positive test. I think I peed on a stick every day that first month.
I wish you the right time and the result you're hoping for.

Yes, Luke=smartest man in the world.

Why do our female bodies traumatize us so?

I'm sorry you were disappointed by your pee stick. That's one of the worst let downs ever, especially when your body is playing tricks on you and acting like it's pregnant.

Wow... Luke is smart.

I love times like that when I'm reminded that I married the perfect person.

Here's to next month...

I hate that you cried! Just wait until that stick reads positive one day sister. ;) Try not to get your hopes up too much so you're not let down so hard. I LOVE YOU!!

Pee sticks are evil, and for some reason the female body thrives on traumatizing itself. Keep your chin up. Big points for Luke. :0)

Let things happen naturally. It'll happen when the time is right.

hey ... ummm ... if you had aunt flo visiting 2 weeks ago, you were probably ovulating. Not that you know me, but I highly recommend the book 'taking charge of your fertility' to help you get a really good understanding of what's going on with your body. Seriously - you'll never have to pee on a stick again to know if you're pregnant.

Hi, btw.

Ice cream is the only solution. You know...that or chocolate brownies with cream cheese icing and crumbled oreos on top. Those also work wonders.

But I know...I understand...I am a veteran of the negative. And like Lizzy up there said...it's unbelievable how much of our late teens/early twenties we devote to NOT getting pregnant. How it seems that if we have unprotected sex JUST ONCE then we will birth a mountain of babies. Oh how that isn't the case.

But as long as things with your lady bits are in working order then just give it a little time. If it takes longer than a year or you know at the outset that there are issues to contend with then you have permission to ignore all the advice of "relax, it'll happen when its supposed to" and break out the steel toed stilettos.

But I have confidence that won't be the case with you and Luke. Just enjoy being newlyweds... remember, the rest is just icing!!


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