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June 21, 2006


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frema,,i have come to look forward to checking in on you,,no matter how i am feeling,,you always make me smile and i thank you,i love your outlook,,,

welcome back. I missed you.

While reading this I was all: yeah, right, ah-huh, sounds good..while nodding my head b/c holy crap, Frema has figured life out. (Or at least her life at the moment.) It was very intense.
And then I got to the part about your diet and began laughing hysterically. That was great.

And, um, hope you get that diet figured out girl. :-)

Paragraph 5: Me, too.




Good life play. You have it figured out really nicely. Work is a constant in life and it can not be 100 % positive all the time. Press forward as you can and everything will be fine.

Wow, a 10% increase, not bad girl! I am the same way with jobs...I like change. As a special ed teacher I usually get burnt out where I am due to the "hating".

Glad to see a post and I know you votes, right?

I'm glad that you decided to give your mind a rest for a while. You said it wonderfully when you said that you should start living in the now. I'm glad your review went well and to hear about your raise! You are such a GREAT worker and an amazing person sister, I am SOOO proud of you.

I love photography...or really just taking pictures. Keep me updated on what Luke decides to study if/when he goes back to school.

I love you very, very much and I miss you...


One of your best yet. So very well said, right down to the gas. Ha!

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