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June 08, 2006


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You go girl!! And also, I can't believe you posted your weight on the internet, not that you have anything to be embarrassed about because you weigh as much as two-thirds of my right foot and look great, but still, a gutsy move that I admire you for, and sometimes I love run-on sentences just like you so appropriately and funnily (nonsense words are fun too, no?) used in your save the Canadian cell phone incident.

All that to say, you can do it!!


Good luck! Mind you, your "fat" weight is my GOAL weight!

Also, blogger was acting like an ass to me too, with the picture thing. And, I have often thought of using that very same entry title as I use the word I constantly, and am conscious about it. I.


I don't do scales, unless they're in the doctor's office, and then I kind of have to. I don't know how much I weigh (and don't wanna know, lalala), but I'm pretty sure it's more than 139.

But whatever your weight goal is, I'm sure you can reach it. Maybe NY&Co. (love them!) can serve as motivation again? Even if you don't buy, you can always try stuff on to check on your progress.

I found a trick around blogger's photo posting issues. Recently, it would only let me post pictures using the non-jusification choice. But, I have gone back in under the HTML coding and adding the left, center, or right justification. So far, it is working out for me.

Breyers???????? No No No EDY's from now on!!!! Gotta keep my hubby employed!!!! What I would give to weigh 140 again............not gonna happen.

Aunt Ruthie

Yes, I would kill to weigh what you now do. You looked fabulous in your wedding pictures so I don't think you have much to worry about.

I can definitely relate to your "food for any mood" - food to celebrate, food to comfort - mode of operation.

Good luck as you proceed.

Well, Super Target is a pretty big store.

Here is something that I don't and won't do much at all, promise. Coaching ... take one day at a time in this way: one hard long working day (like Monday) and then a soft easy day and then a hard day. Hard/easy is the way to make progress. Do not go hard each day. That is just too much for anyone. One day hard and the next day soft to allow the body to rebuild. The next hard day pushs the body and then let it rebuild with a soft day. The soft day is just to move some blood around to do the repair work. Hard/easy/hard/easy/hard ... it also is OK to take a day completely off once a week or so.

Thanks for your comment today - it prompted me to check out your blog and get caught up. Congratulations to you and L - I am so very happy for you both.

Good things are happening in my world, and I'll certainly be sure to email you all the details and my new contact information soon. The blogging will continue during the summer months.

And then yesterday Blogger's comment section was malfunctioning, not that I have much to say.

Best of luck with your plan, and exercise is always good.

I always count a stroll through the store as exercise. Heck! You moved didn't you? It's not like they have a drive-thru window!!

Actually, why don't they have a drive-thru window? I better right a letter.

Love reading your blog.

I'm using HTML coding for pictures. Number Twelve taught me that one.

I've always had weight issues. I HATE thinking about it. Anyway,you already look great and this will only make you feel better about yourself! ;)

Just hang in there kiddo and you'll get those extra pounds off, you definitely have the drive to do it!

I started doing a regimen of mine own a few months ago and I must say not only does it feel great to put on clothes that you haven't worn in a while, but I feel better physically (not nearly as tired).


Damn blogger and the pain it is causing all of us.

Free service or not, they suck this week.

I did WW the year before I got pregnant (okay, and the first three months of this pregnancy). I love it.

My friend did it on her own, without going to meetings or paying any money, and she lost a ton of weight. So don't feel like you have to pay money to be skinny!!

(and maybe, once I'm back to work or something, I'll start back up on the WW wagon)

YOU ROCK. Keep up the good work.

Gambatte (good luck) with the exercise!

Damn blizzards did me in too.
M&ms and chocolate frech silk pie. mmmmmmm.

Good luck!
maybe you could try a pedometer. I hear you're supposed to walk at least 10000 steps a day. And then based on what you walk, you can step it up in increments to a goal # of steps.

You can do it Frema! :-)

I know how the weight issue goes! Two years ago, I lost 25 pounds, and kept it off for about a year. Gradually over the last 12 months, it's pretty much all back. wtf! Motivation is definitely key. You know this! Sounds like you're off to a good start. Good luck!

My mom used to do weight watchers and lost 65 pounds. She stopped going, and gained all the weight back and then some. She started to diet again on her own in October, and has lost 50 pounds! I'm so proud of her!
I started power walking on my treadmill about a year ago, and I've lost about 25 pounds. I still walk as much as I can, along with Pilates. Now I just need to give up the junk food.

I know how you feel. I was actually up to 160 at one point--okay, by the time I graduated college and all I did was eat and drink. Since then (it's been 2 years I've kept it off) I've lost about 30-35 lbs. and I'm a healthy 126. So, being a person who once had a lot to lose, i totally have faith that you can lose the weight!! And if you think less about the weight and more about how good your body feels when you are exercising, it makes it SO much better. I still struggle with body image and weight quite often, but it's getting better. You looked awesome in your wedding pics, so I wouldn't be too worried, but everyone could be healthier...and it's a lifestyle change not a one time thing, ya know? You can do it!! You go girl!!!

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